Racism in Football

For quite a few years now, it has come to the attention of many, that racism inside of Football has become a highly talked about subject. Why is this though? Why does it happen? What is done about it? And, who is to blame for it?

Well first of all, no one really knows why it happens. Is it out of frustration at other players? Surely not. Why would frustration provoke a cowardly attack at a footballer? I wouldn’t think it would. I think these, ever so small minority of people think that they can attack and abuse them by being racist. What they don’t know, is that the reputation of the club is worsened each time something like this happens.

One incident of racism came a few months back, in Russia. It was the group game between CSKA Moscow and Manchester City. The fans behind the goal were found to have been racist towards the City player, Yaya Toure. If I remember rightly, after the game he was interviewed, and spoke a few words about it after the interviewer asked him if he had heard it during the game. It was a really weird interview, because it looked like he didn’t really know what to say, probably as he was in shock as something like that had happened.

As a result of this, CSKA part of their ground closed as punishment. But, how on earth is this a fair punishment? Yaya Toure was basically humiliated on the pitch, and as a result of it, part of the ground is closed…! 

I don’t agree with a punishment like that. If there is ever going to be a stoppage of this racism in Football, then I believe punishments are going to have to chance. They’re going to have to change by making them much more effective, and make them so the “supporters” team is punished. 

So yeah, that’s my view. Obviously, there are lots more points I could cover, but I’d be here for weeks probably.


One thought on “Racism in Football

  1. Completely agree, harsher punishments are needed.

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