Juan Mata to Manchester United?

A short one from me this time, but one, that could be big news quite soon.

Obviously as a United fan, I’m not going to get my hopes up just yet, but the news surrounding this is hopeful. According to the BBC and Sky Sports, Manchester United have made a bid of around £35 million. This would be a “money deal” only, supposedly, despite reports linking Rooney the other way.

Well, how good would the transfer possibly be. We all know what a top, top player he is, and personally, he could really give us a huge for the season. Look at what Ozil has done for Arsenal, or too Arsenal should I say. Mata can come in, and we can build the team around him a bit. A creative player we have been crying out for, for some time, despite having Kagawa. Mata is someone who is proven, and knows what to do. He was arguably Chelsea’s best player last season, but has been really unfortunate this season. Mourinho leaving him out, in my opinion, is wrong, because he is too good to be on the bench. So, a move to United could really kick start his season.

That’s all from me. So, from myself and the rest of the United fans “Please join, Mr Mata”!


Racism in Football

For quite a few years now, it has come to the attention of many, that racism inside of Football has become a highly talked about subject. Why is this though? Why does it happen? What is done about it? And, who is to blame for it?

Well first of all, no one really knows why it happens. Is it out of frustration at other players? Surely not. Why would frustration provoke a cowardly attack at a footballer? I wouldn’t think it would. I think these, ever so small minority of people think that they can attack and abuse them by being racist. What they don’t know, is that the reputation of the club is worsened each time something like this happens.

One incident of racism came a few months back, in Russia. It was the group game between CSKA Moscow and Manchester City. The fans behind the goal were found to have been racist towards the City player, Yaya Toure. If I remember rightly, after the game he was interviewed, and spoke a few words about it after the interviewer asked him if he had heard it during the game. It was a really weird interview, because it looked like he didn’t really know what to say, probably as he was in shock as something like that had happened.

As a result of this, CSKA part of their ground closed as punishment. But, how on earth is this a fair punishment? Yaya Toure was basically humiliated on the pitch, and as a result of it, part of the ground is closed…! 

I don’t agree with a punishment like that. If there is ever going to be a stoppage of this racism in Football, then I believe punishments are going to have to chance. They’re going to have to change by making them much more effective, and make them so the “supporters” team is punished. 

So yeah, that’s my view. Obviously, there are lots more points I could cover, but I’d be here for weeks probably.

Predictions for the Top 4 in the Premier League this season

So, we’re now what, 21 games in. It’s getting to that time of the season, where, the table is starting to take a little bit of shape now. But the question is, which 4 teams will make the top 4 of the Premier League this season?

In no particular order by the way, these are just the teams that I think, will make the top 4.

Arsenal – They’ve done it so many times, and this season, they’re are so, so much stronger than before. I think they’ve got a lot of resilience about them this season, especially with the two rocks at the back, in Mertesacker and Koscielny. Ozil’ transfer has given the side a huge boost, and although I feel they’ll just miss out on the title, I’m sure they will get top 4.

Man City – They have to be in the top 4 really. They have the best squad, and one of the biggest. Even with Aguero out injured at the moment, they still have Negredo scoring for fun, and Dzeko chipping in with the odd goal. Everyone knows, that when Kompany plays, they usually win, with the odd exception. He’s a vital part of this City team, and I fully expect them to make the top 4, and probably win the league.

Chelsea – Like Man City, they have one of the best squads, and one of the biggest. It’s clear that it’s a very good team as well, when Jose can leave the likes of Ashley Cole and Juan Mata on the bench. Chelsea probably haven’t done as well as they would have liked this season, Jose criticizing them occasionally, but they still lie 3rd, 2 points from the top – so it can’t be that bad. I think they’ll give Man City a very good run for the title, along with Arsenal.

And for the 4th, and final spot, I simply do not know. I think it will be between one of four teams; Liverpool, Everton, Spurs and Man United. 

To say that there is 4 teams, that I expect, to go for 4th, and 3 teams challenging for the title, just shows what an unbelievably, amazingly, exciting Premier League season it is going to be. And this, without even talking about the other end of the table.

Ballon d’Or – an incredible year for Cristiano.

It had to be him really, didn’t it.  59 goals in 50 games for Madrid, and 10 goals in 9 games, coming to a staggering 69 goals in 59 games. He fought off Lionel Messi, and Bayern Munich’s Frank Ribery, to win his second Ballon d’Or trophy. Ronaldo took to the stage and received the illustrious trophy from the legend himself, Pele.

People often criticize Cristiano, diving being one of the things he gets hate about. It’s been more noticeable this year though, that he has matured, and focused more on playing his Football and scoring goals. That’s what he does. The diving for sure has definitely been cut out.

Was it a deserved win? Yes, of course, in my opinion. Ronaldo this year, was by far the best player in the world, by far. The competition from Ribery was very little, as he was nominated through the winnings of trophies he had won with Munich, which is more a team thing, than an individual thing. Messi has a top year, although injury hampered his chances of making it 5 in a row for the little Argentine.

Can Ronaldo win it again this year? For sure he can win it again this year. He just needs to carry on the incredible form that he had in 2013. The World Cup is this year, and big, big performances in the tournament could be a factor in winning it. Messi will come back even stronger this year, and he’ll want the the title he had won for the previous 4 years, back with him. 

My predictions for the 3 nominations for the 2014 Ballon d’Or? Ronaldo, Messi, and potentially Suarez. Suarez being nominated would potentially mean that he would be included in the FIFA Team of the Year as well, something a Premier League player hasn’t been included in since 2011, when Manchester United duo, Wayne Rooney and Nemanja Vidic, made it into the team. Suarez might be seen as a “wrong” nomination, but I believe if he carries on his incredible form, helps Liverpool into the Champions League, and starts to rip teams apart in Europe, then he has every chance.