How Arsenal can win the league.

So, the last time Arsenal won the Premier League, was in 2003-04, where they remarkably went the whole season unbeaten. That season, Arsenal’s only signing was Jens Lehmann. Chelsea on the other hand spent in excess over £100 million.

So, how can they win it now? Well, in the last 4-5 years, they haven’t really spent. They haven’t majorly improved on their squad. Last season, Cazorla was a class signing, and in parts of the season, Giroud was fairly good. Podolski also had some good parts and bad parts, but in all fairness the players, Cazorla an exception, aren’t really players that can help challenge for the title.

Don’t get me wrong, they have a fairly decent team, and it shows, as the constantly make the top four in the league, but they really need to push on from that. 

Losing van Persie last season, could’ve been a catastrophe for them, with most people vowing that Arsenal would do terrible. But top four was what they got again. 

I think the three big signings last season totaled to about 30 million. Van Persie was sold for £24 million and Alex Song sold for £14 million. So they almost made £10 million more than what they spent, which is what Arsenal do. It’s what they’ve done for a longtime.

However, now they’ve been told that they could be entitled to 70 odd million, things look like they could potentially change for the Gunners. They have been linked with several players so far, but the players they buy have to be players that can help challenge for the title, as that is what the fans are waiting for.

So there we go. My opinion on what Arsenal need to do to win another title.


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