Who will win the Premier League this year?

I basically think it will be fought out between 3 teams in the end.

Man United. Why? Even with the new manager, David Moyes, I still think they are more than capable of doing it. The players have been there before, and will no what to do. Moyes has also been told, that cash is there for him to use. With that in mind, the best players could be expected to be brought in. I hope we can win it again this year, it would be amazing for Moyes as well.

Man City. Why? There such a strong team now. As much as I dislike them, they’re a good team. Without a doubt, the City players will be far from happy with last seasons performances, and will really want to sort that out. Two players have already been brought in; Navas from Sevilla and Fernandinho from Shaktar. So, two early signings, maybe trying to state that they mean business.


Chelsea.  Why? Jose Mourinho. That’s why. I think he’ll bring such a buzz around the place, that’ll boost Chelsea so much, and get the players doing what he wants them to do. I know the title says “Who will win the Premier League this year”, but I think they might just come up short, but there should be an improvement from last year.


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